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Unbiased News Coverage

We are dedicated to presenting balanced and unbiased news coverage, allowing our listeners to form their own opinions and stay informed about the political, social, and cultural developments in Congo.

Cultural Showcase

RTAS MIABI RADIO takes pride in celebrating the rich and diverse culture of Congo. We showcase traditional music, art, history, and folklore, ensuring that our listeners from all over the world get a taste of the vibrant Congolese heritage.

Global Perspective

While rooted in Congo, we also provide a global perspective on significant international events, helping our listeners understand the broader context and impact of global affairs.

Engaging Talk Shows

Our engaging talk shows bring together experts, analysts, and everyday individuals to discuss pressing issues, share opinions, and create a space for open dialogue on matters that shape Congo and the world.

Community Connection

RTAS MIABI RADIO is not just a radio station; we are a community. We encourage our listeners to participate, voice their concerns, and share their stories. Through phone-ins, social media interactions, and local partnerships, we actively involve our audience in shaping our programming.

Digital Accessibility

No matter where you are in the world, you can tune in to RTAS MIABI RADIO online, ensuring that the Congolese diaspora and anyone interested in Congo’s news and culture can stay connected.

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